At Nariyari, our vision is to help Indian women lead a clean and healthy life without causing any destruction to mother Earth. Our aim is not only to protect our women from toxic waste and guide them to live a healthy life but also save out planet from getting polluted by the hazardous waste that is chemically treated and non-biodegradable.

To support this noble cause, we have our promoters:

Nisha Bellare

(Founder & Partner)



Nisha, a Rotarian at heart and in service has conducted various awareness programs on menstrual hygiene management in government schools, villages, corporate houses, residential colonies. Her aim is to bring about a behavioral change in the society by educating women on the benefits of reusables especially in the menstrual hygiene sector. She believes that by introducing the reusable menstrual cups or cloth pads we together can take baby steps in keeping our mother earth free from toxic waste. Nisha was actively involved in 2010 to educate and train the residents of the condominium of 1000 apartments in waste segregation. Where her team won an award " Best Wastewise" in the large apartment complex recognized by the "Solid waste management Round table". She believes that Waste management is passé , not generating waste is truly going green. We are very proud to be associated with a dynamic entrepreneur Ms. Neelavathi who is a Paralympian. Her small enterprise is supporting us in supplying us with packaging material.



Latha is a passionate Architect, An avid traveller and a crusader for sustainable living. Practicing Architecture for over a decade , She has joined forces with Mission “Nari-Yari”  and has been a strong promoter of sustainable Mensuration , Latha in her capacity as a Leadership team of Rotary Bengaluru Basavangudi has spearheaded various campaigns on usefulness of alternative re-usable sanitary products which don’t burden the mother earth. She has conducted several awareness sessions with a mission to educate almost all menstruating woman on this earth about using re-usable sanitary products . She has partnered with Nari-yari who have a pedigree of manufacturing excellent quality menstrual cups and other products ,It is manufactured locally in Bangalore and adheres to the finest International quality standards.




Technical partners

Brahad Elastomers Pvt. Ltd.

Ramananda Bellare - Managing Director Brahad Elastomers Pvt. Ltd.

Ramananda Bellare has been an Entrepreneur for over 2 decades with vast experience before that in top management roles in Companies based in India and Africa. He is a graduate in Science and has fellowships from London in Management and Administration.  He is passionate about design and is an avid researcher through the internet and interactions with Silicone rubber Technocrats.

Shivanand Bellare- Technical Director Brahad Elastomers Pvt. Ltd.
Shivanand Bellare is a Mechanical Engineer with Business Administration background. He has over two decades of experience in Manufacturing and development. He is totally committed to social upliftment and environmental protection.

He has always believed in “Make in India”, using Indian manufactured goods as far as possible & to produce for Indians at affordable prices.

They are one of the Pioneers in the field of Silicone Rubber, having set up the plant 22 years back, they have many firsts to our credit, and we have done many indigenization programs.

They decided to concentrate on produce health care products & developed Nari Yari Menstrual Cups. After 4 years of research we have designed a most comfortable & reliable Menstrual cup. They are one of the only indigenous manufacturers.

Lots of field trials have been carried out in Urban & Rural India to come out with the best possible design. We aim to provide the best quality product at a price that is affordable."

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